Stocks are Excellent for ALL.  

1.  PLEASE DONT ORDER WITH DIFFERENT BILLING AND SHIPPING ADDRESSES. I WILL CANCEL THESE ORDERS AND IT TAKES A WEEK IN SOME CASES FOR PEOPLE TO GET THEIR MONEY BACK. I am sorry for any inconvenience this brings. But people are shitty and I have yet to win a chargeback with different information.  I shouldn't say that to induce scamming on other sites, but it seems to be that simple....

Only exception to the above will be for return customers of at least 2 prior purchases using the above rule.

2.   I have PayPal up and going now, or message me for a cryptocurrency address,(bitcoin, bitcash, ethereum, or litecoin. You can still use a card without a PayPal account.  Or if you have trouble I can send you custom invoice  to pay by card.  Message at Ummuagama@hotmail.com.

 Also From now on billing and shipping address must match unless you have already ordered like this before. Even in the same city....pretty sure a couple of scamming friends...but ruins it for everyone.

Hello all, and thanks to those for your potential business.  I am a US based seller trying to sell the best quality dyes from across the globe, and domestically.  As you can see I specialize in the inner root bark of Mimosa Hostilis, but  I would appreciate any input on new products to carry.  What else would interest you?????? Please links within page to explore site for more products/deals (or message me)for this, and check also for discounts!!!!!  Thanks And as Always, DyeNaturally.  

For Express Shipping order the express listing.  I cant seem to get express shipping as an option for you on checkout..Thanks.