Terms and Conditions

All shipping addresses different from billing address must be confirmed with PayPal.

If you really need to send to a brand new different address, then figure out bitcoin and ask me for my address. Since you can't chargeback bitcoins I will send those orders anywhere. Or send cash or money order.

For Canadians....MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT!!!!!USPS and the Canadian mail service do not like to deliver or return these packs to me!!!! So please be careful!!!

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for the postal services actions!!!!! If its marked delivered, its DELIVERED.....I may work with trusted customers on issues, but DON'T expect ANYTHING.  If your mail is stolen file a police report, and I will send you an invoice for your home owners insurance....Because I am not the insurance company!  

Generally I am an easy going guy. I try to do my best to make sure you are happy.

Recently I have had a few people request my mimosa for some weird dirty hippie drug. From now on any mention of human use, especially by drugged out hop heads will be banned by my shop.

The materials I sell are NOT FOR HUMAN-ANIMAL USE!!!!!!!!!!  If you have any other questions regarding my items please ask,as long as they are not about consumption and especially illegal use. Thank you.


Only Paypal threw the site for the moment.  Amazon won't allow mimosa, and so no amazon pay. I do accept bitcoins, money order, and cash plus I give a product bonuses for these too!!! Message me for my payment address.


I ship USPS priority or first class, within 3 business days of your order, or you get extra bark.  I generally ship Monday, Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday.  But I have a day job at an organic produce farm, and sometimes quite a bit of orders on top of this, which can cause a slight delay.  If this does happen and I do not ship within the 3 days...... I will add 50 to 100 grams to your order depending on the amount.  Cut off time on weekdays to cut as a day is 4:00 P.M. central time.

So for example; you order a half kilo of bark on Saturday.  I will have until Wes. to ship this order out.  If I do not ship until Thursday or later I will add 100 grams.  If the order is 100 or 250grams I will add 50 grams. 

Example 2, if you order Monday at 4:15, I would have Tues, Wes, and Thurs to ship.  If you made the order at 3:45 I would have Monday, Tuesday, Wes to ship.

Any other questions please message me at ummuagama@hotmail.com


Thanks so much for looking, and considering me for your Mimosa Hostilis root bark!!!!