Kilo of shredded Mimosa Inner Root Bark


$ 170.00 $ 150.00

This order is for a kilo(1000grams)(2.2 pounds American..haha), of Mimosa Hostilis chunked/shredded inner root bark

Not for human or animal use!!!!!! 

Also from now on Billing address MUST MATCH shipping address or your order will be cancelled...toooo many fraudulent orders being made...also if you send me bitcoins direct I will ship order anywhere as well since you cant chargeback bitcoins... 

customer commentt
"Just wanted to let you know that it is also great for staining wood when you add it to tung oil. Tung oil is a furniture coating and I use it (With mhrb) to look like strains or extinct rosewood such as chi chi Mu and zitan rosewoods."

interesting, thanks, and hope this gives you all some more great ideas for this product.

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